» Speaking is power

This post is somehow challenging because it is the first in Mastermind’s blog. So, welcome to everyone! You know, this is a good scenario to share knowledge, information and all the things that you think are interesting. You must think that the target of the blog is not only the Consortium itself but everyone accessing the Mastermind website.

The main goal is to share our experiences in order to improve the project and to promote the learning process. There are many partners doing similar things and it is interesting to connect us, learn from others problems and take advantage of their lessons learnt.

Ok. If we agree, we can shout: “Divergence by nature, convergence by will”. After that, we may open the door to express ourselves in an informal way. Remember the site is public!

Within this first post we only want to share some tips to get a real dynamic participation. It is our mastermind’s blog holy bible:

Be concise, clear and direct my friend.
Share and learn is our slogan.
It is not allowed: unjustified advertising, the intentioned spam and we don’t accept any comment contrary to the law, or discriminatory, or offensive or rude or comments that attempt to reputation, copyrights, data confidentiality, etc. We know that it is not your case.
All opinions are respectable.

If you want to become a wonderful blogger, read this document SurvivalkitforMastermindsblog

I’m waiting for the next “new”… A little bird told me that the next post is being made ready by RSD.

Maria Navarro Asin, Badalona Serveis Assistencials (BSA). I’m a journalist; I work as an innovation technician in BSA. I love the photography and the social media. If you want to know more, you can find me in different social media… Look for me at: @mnasin