» RSS, what is this?

The RSS feed is finally enabled in the Mastermind blog! It is fantastic news because from now on you don’t need to go in there and check if something new has been published.

Since today, you only have to open your email or check your notifications and you will receive the advice informing you that a new post (remember that we publish it the first week of each month) or a new vlog (remember that we publish it in the middle of each month) has been published.

It was never so easy participating in the blog! We hope that all of you comment the posts and videlogs because, without your participation, the blog would be completely useless.

Remember, to subscribe to the blog

You can subscribe and automatically receive notifications when there is a new blog post on the website. Go to to subscribe. If you subscribe via Outlook, you receive an email alert, so you won’t miss it.

Plenty of useful information is produced in Mastermind, new knowledge is generated, the skills of the participants are improved and their experience enhanced (let’s make the concept of knowledge as broad as possible). This just happens within the context of one project with some partners, imagine what can happen with a project with 23 partners!