» Quality assurance

What is quality? I (and others) define quality as “fit for purpose”. But it is also an attitude of mind.

The concept of fit for purpose applies to everything, whether it is ICT systems (my background), or healthcare services.

In the context of eMental health services, CBT/cCBT & MasterMind, healthcare providers need to define what is “fit for purpose”: Is it providing a “gold plated” service to 10 patients, or “silver plated” service to 100 patients, when there are insufficient staff & resources to provide “gold plated” service to 100 patients?

I know these decisions are always complex – it always annoys me when politicians oversimplify the debates on these issues! But as a healthcare layman, and more especially a mental healthcare layman, it seems to me to be wrong to deny a cCBT service to citizens with depression just because it may not be a good as CBT, which in any case is not available to them due to lack of staff. So I hope MasterMind leads to more widespread deployment of cCBT.

John Oates.